Sincerely to serve you!
Sincerely to serve you!
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 Manuel(先生) Silicon product 2016-01-13 1:18:29
Im looking for silicon cigarrete cover and coin keper bag how can we get them
 Manuel(先生) Silicon product 2016-01-13 1:14:33
We are looking for the silicon cigarrete cover and coin keeper, hoy can we get them
 cutter(先生) silicone bracelet 2014-03-15 8:03:54
hello, id like an offer for custom silicone bracelets with embeded text:


 Bryce Bettenay(先生) Silicone baking pans 2014-02-16 16:57:20

We are looking at getting a number of silicone inserts for our nougat. Silicone must cover bottom and sides of tray. I have provided a link for the size pan that we require and specs below:

- Needs to not stick to nougat.

- Very durable and scratch proof

- Isn't required to be used in an oven but has hot nougat poured directly into it.

- Must be straight edges ensuring nougat shape maintained from top to bottom.

- Is to be an insert to cover the full inner of the pan.

Many thanks,

Bryce Bettenay

 Bule(濂冲+) JzmqpfWxlCvyXmCJTK 2013-08-14 2:09:19
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 Prince(鍏堢敓) VEhSVoRaTXpJm 2013-08-11 11:43:14
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